What Makes Our Flour Special?

In a few words, what makes our flour special is the careful process by which we grow, harvest, store, and mill it. We specialize in organic wheat; since 1982 it has been our primary crop. That makes wheat very important to us and we work hard to make sure we know as much about it as possible. It’s not just book learning either; it’s also the 28 years of experience. And we love what we do. Planting a field on a sunny day while a hawk circles overhead sure beats sitting in an office. Watching the tender green shoots of wheat poke their heads up from the ground and watching them ripen to golden maturity is a pleasure that we wouldn’t want to miss!

  • We carefully choose our seed varieties to offer the quality we want.
  • We have tended to our land carefully for 30 years, reading, talking to other farmers and researchers, and using healthy, organic practices to improve the soil.
  • We make sure that we harvest the wheat at the right time, when the moisture content is right and the heads of wheat are ripe and golden.
  • We store and dry the wheat with fans in our four steel grain bins. This also protects it from critters and moisture.
  • We mill the wheat to order in our stone mill (See the benefits of stone ground flour) and we deliver it fresh.

Wheat Image