About Our Pricing

Prices - 2010-2011 Season

We try to keep our prices competitive with major brands. Even though we are small, we are able to do this because we are frugal by nature and manage the farm carefully. Although we believe that we need a reasonable wage and health care; a high income is not one of our priorities. We place a high value on being contributing members of our community.

On-Farm Prices (Please call ahead)
All products are V.O.F. Certified Organic

Product Price/lb. Price/Bag
100% Whole wheat bread flour/fine or coarse grind
(50 lb. bag only)
$0.60 $30.00
100% Whole wheat pastry flour (50 lb. bag only) $0.60 $30.00
Snake Mountain sifted bread flour (50 lb. bag only) $0.66 $33.00
Lemon Fair sifted pastry flour (50 lb. bag only) $0.66 $33.00
Wheat berries (50 lb. bag only) $0.50 $25.00
Bran (25 lb. bag only) $0.50 $12.50

If you would like to purchase smaller quantities of flour, please visit one of the retailers listed under Where to Buy.

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