About Gleason Grains

Ben grew up on the family farm in Connecticut, where his family grew potatoes and milked Guernsey cows. Theresa’s family rented land and operated a small diversified farm in Indiana until 1962. Ben left the family farm to get a business degree and worked a year as a computer programmer before deciding that was not the life for him! Taking time to travel in Europe, he visited and was inspired by the lifestyle of the rural Greeks, who lived close to the land. He came back to the states ready to start an organic farm!

In 1977, Ben began to look for land suitable for growing grain in the northeast and found the Champlain Valley of Vermont. He bought our 75 acre Bridport farm with his brother Joe in 1979 and started experimenting with different organic crops and livestock. In 1980 he settled on wheat as a crop that he enjoyed growing and could grow with a reasonable profit. Although he always farmed organically, we didn’t apply for NOFA organic certification until 1993. We have been certified organic ever since.

Ben and Theresa Gleason